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manly was gorgeous and I cant wait to carry on exploring around sydney on the bike which I have borrowed from my work mate, Ive been biking to work and Im finding the work out fantastic, it also gives me freedom to go places which are otherwise too far to walk or inaccessible by public transport- SYDNEYS PUBLIC TRANSPORT IS SHIT!

Have a good weekend
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lost mobile

hope everyone had a good new years
mine was mediocre
it was lovely to see uwe dance though *G*
just for the record ive lost my phone, to those who know me well this will come as no suprise but hey its gone
so if everyone would email me there numbers and ill get them put on my mobile as soon as possible, and it will be the same number.
home in 2 days (yeah ive had a good time here but i really miss home too much now)
happy new year, cunts *G*
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interesting events

after spending far too much time getting fit and surfing i have turned my mind to other areas of entertainment
im off sandboarding tomorrow (this is what they do in areas of the country which you cannot snowboard in i take it)
i am very much looking forward to it but what to wear?
and on sunday im going sky diving
its all too exciting and in one week im meeting up with my gorgeous and soon after that sarah and uwe for a stomping time in jo'burg
many amusing cocktail parties with art curators have been had recently which have been both interesting and extremely dull
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south africa :D

the weather has now cleared and it has stopped raining
the people arent staring as much as i thought
were staying in a gorgeous area called franschhoek and were off to go on a safari tomorrow
4 days of safari staying n huts with wild animals roaming outsides and no electricity
parents and usual family arguments
crap internet :(
missing last days of school
and will be soon renting a house near cape town and surfing all day

the more time i spend in hot countries the more i love them
i am now considering doing my degree in sydney for art :D
i have also stopped feeling as anxious, maybe its the weather

everyone have the most amazing new years and christmas, im over here until the 7th january so i wont be there for either.
i miss untermensch but i cant wait to see him when he gets out here
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drug/cocain article in THE FACE

"snotty-nosed, self-confident wankers, sad wankers, sad people trying to look cool, pikeys, people who can afford it, the easily-led people, people up for a good time, people with a steady income and no responsibility, famous people, people with no donfidence, rich people, wannabes, emotionally unstable people, wankers, arseholes, people that care, gays, media types, hard people, people involved in acting and the theatre, think-they're-it-girls, peple iwth mobile phones, post teenage e-users, psychos, people living in cities, hyperactive people with trendy hair, career criminals, loud champgne-y people, people under pressure..."


this was a cocain issue published by the FACE a year ago, called "somethink like a phenomenon", its excellent amusing and informative, not the usual drugs are bad for you.
still amuses me
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general hysteria has broken out across the sixth form house at Benenden School for Girls...

the boys have arrived
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on a more positive note

i joined benenden girls school croquet team today
this is the most amusing team i have ever joined
how typical...a public school girl in uniform playing croquet...civilised i think not...its all about pissing off the other team members it seems and is very vicious
cant you see im now turning into a proper public school girl
along with drama auditions today has been hectic...i really wish to get the part as the spoilt rich teenage coke head...who would of thought benenden would put on something as controversial considering the abortion scene in cabaret was removed for being just that
i very much look forward to entering croquet competitions...it will be a shocker

on a lighter again note...embarassment occured when my art history teacher walked into a room as i was walking out when i walked back in i heard the last 30 seconds of vnv's cold blaring out...when i realised to my embarassment what he was listening to i turned it off and he said "oh matilda i was enjoying that"...eeek
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ideas, thoughts and musings

wishes for: an alarm which beams the time onto the ceiling therefore one would not have to turn over to find out the time and could immediatly fall back to sleep on looking at the ceiling

has discussed at great length: whether humans concept of mortality has come from God or whether it is dependent of God...both appears to be possible but of course being an atheist i believe that humans can be moral without believing in God

hates: 70's disco tunes which are danced to in aerobics (has been told that one is allowed to bring in dance music for everyone to try- gabba anyone?)

william shakespeare was bisexual and most of his sonnets were written to an unknown man the most recent estimation has been interesting and various

wants more than ever: a gay househusband to look after me and mark...it would be fantastic alienfox has offered...this appears to be very favourable

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long hair

i think im in love...

totally amazing...my new 5" platforms are beautiful creations in their own right and now i can be a prestigous 5'7"

only complication...
on walking myself to the train station i decided that i wanted to have a wheel on bag to carry my stuff in...only on leaving my house i realised while trying to walk down the road that i couldnt reach the handle of the said bag because my arms werent in proportion to my legs...it was a staggered journey

other than that i am a bit of a emotional wreck for no apparent reason

2 good quotes said today at my readers circle meeting:

"its about sex but intellectuals will say its about love" about rapture

"one would never like the idea of heroin being served over the counter at boots BUT by the end of the novel you would agree" said in one poshest voice about ben eltons high society

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